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Westminster City Council’s Fair Parking Pledge is to make it as easy as possible to find and pay for parking in central London.

ParkRight API provides REAL TIME availability on over 3,000 parking spaces around the West End, Covent Garden, Oxford and Regent Street areas and over 40,000 parking spaces across the City of Westminster. Watch this space for additional parking bay data becoming available…

Whether you have been directed here from our website, or referred by a colleague, you are in the right place if your intention is to leverage our parking information, in new and innovative ways for your and our guests’ mutual benefit.

This API provides data on the following

  • Parking bay location – Street and electoral ward/districts
  • Parking bay capacity
  • REAL TIME availability
  • GPS longitude and latitude
  • The type of parking bay – Disabled, paid, residents, loading and taxi to name a few
  • Parking tariff that apply to paid parking bays
  • Hours of operation for all bays
  • Details to allow users to pay to park by mobile phone
  • LIVE parking suspension details

We greatly encourage and welcome applications from web, social media and application developers seeking to make use of our parking data in new and innovative ways for the benefit of workers, residents, businesses and visitors.

Two types of information are available:

  1. ‘Static’ information regarding Lots (groups of parking bays,) Tariffs (charges,) and Hours (what bays can be used at what time and at what rates). Developers will need to use this information to build a suitable structure that can be referenced along with the current information below.
  2. Real time information (This transactional data will need to reference the static data)
    1. What bays are occupied or unoccupied?
    2. Live parking bay suspensions

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This will not give you access to pay to park. If you want to pay to park in Westminster please download the ParkRight application from the respective app stores.